Garage Door Spring Replacement

What to do when you need a garage door spring replacement

Broken Spring Replacement

Broken Garage Door Spring

It happens. Like death and taxes, if you have a garage door, your springs will break eventually. And it never happens at a good time. Keen’s rule of garage door springs is “The more urgently you need to get out of your garage, the higher the chances of a broken garage door spring”. 

Here is some information to consider before, during and after dealing with a garage door broken spring repair.

Broken Garage Door Spring?
Broken Garage Door Spring

What To Do When You Have a Garage Door Broken Spring

When a garage door spring breaks, it’s essential to take the following steps:

  1. Do Not Attempt to Use the Door: A broken spring can cause the door to become unbalanced and difficult to lift. Attempting to operate the garage door can be dangerous and may cause further damage to your garage door system.
  2. Secure the Area: If possible, secure the garage door in its current position. Avoid leaving the door partially open or closed, as this could pose a safety risk.
  3. Avoid DIY Repairs: Garage door springs are not DIY-friendly due to their high tension. It’s safer and more effective to leave spring replacement to experienced professionals who can ensure proper installation and adjustment.
  4. Schedule Regular Maintenance: Regular maintenance by a professional can help prevent spring failure by identifying wear and tear early. This can extend the lifespan of your garage door system and prevent unexpected breakdowns.

By following these steps and relying on a trusted garage door service provider, you can ensure the safety and efficient operation of your garage door after a spring breakage.

High Cycle Garage Door Spring

Garage Door Spring Replacement Cost

Garage spring replacement cost can vary depending on several factors such as the type of springs used (torsion or extension), the size and weight of the garage door, and the local market rates for labor and materials.

On average, the cost can range from $150 to $350 per spring, with most residential garage doors requiring two springs. Torsion springs, which are typically more durable and longer-lasting than extension springs, may cost more to replace due to their complexity and the specialized tools required for installation.

The total cost usually includes the price of springs, labor costs for installation, and any additional fees for emergency or after-hours service. Regular maintenance can help extend the lifespan of garage door springs, potentially reducing long-term replacement costs.

Can I Fix a Broken Garage Door Spring Myself?

Fixing a broken garage door spring yourself is not recommended unless you have the necessary expertise and tools. Garage door springs are under high tension and can be extremely dangerous if mishandled. Attempting to repair or replace a garage door spring without proper knowledge and experience can lead to serious injury or damage to the door and property.

Professionals are trained to safely handle garage door springs and have the specialized tools required for the job. They can assess the type and condition of the springs, ensure proper installation, and adjust the tension correctly to ensure the door operates safely and smoothly.

It’s advisable to leave garage door spring repairs to qualified technicians who can efficiently and safely handle the task. This approach not only protects your safety but also ensures the longevity and proper functioning of your garage door system.

Garage door extension spring
Emergency release handle for a garage door
Garage Door Spring

High Cycle Garage Door Springs

High cycle springs are designed to last longer than standard springs that are rated for 10,000 cycles. A cycle is one opening and closing of the door. The average door is opened 3-5 per day on average. For a modest increase in the part cost, you can get a 25,000 cycle torsion spring that will last twice as long as a standard spring. We think this is a wise investment. If our crew is out to replace your springs, why not upgrade to one that will last longer? It doesn’t cost that much more yet you can double or triple the life and have greater peace of mind.

High Cycle Garage Door Springs Cost

The cost of high-cycle garage door springs versus standard garage door springs in California can vary based on several factors, including the type of springs, the size and weight of the garage door, and the specific service provider. Here’s a general overview:

  1. Standard Garage Door Springs:

    • Standard garage door springs are typically rated for around 10,000 cycles (open and close movements).
    • The cost for standard springs can range from approximately $50 to $100 per spring, depending on the size and type (torsion or extension).
  2. High-Cycle Garage Door Springs:

    • High-cycle garage door springs are designed to endure significantly more cycles, often up to 100,000 or more.
    • Due to their increased durability and lifespan, high-cycle springs are more expensive than standard springs.
    • Prices for high-cycle springs can range from $80 to $150 or more per spring, again depending on factors like size and type.

You can see even from the average costs that high cycle garage door springs make good sense. Labor and installation costs will be the same for both, yet for an extra $50-$100 dollars, you get springs that will last between 2X and 10X longer.

We’d be happy to discuss your options for upgrading your springs and how it could save you time, money and most of all, the inconvenience of a broken garage door spring.

High Cycle Garage Door Springs


Modest Upgrade Cost


Double or Triple Life of Springs


Fewer Repair Calls


Greater Peace of Mind

“I got lucky finding Keen. The brothers not only fixed my garage but they but they improved my quality of life with a super quiet garage door opener. Now I’m up to code. They took great care of me and my family. I highly recommend Keen Garage Door. Family owned business. True Sonoma County Family”

~Brandon Bucheister

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  •   Prompt courteous service. Came on time. Explained everything throughly.
    Vincent did a nice job.

    thumb Ishik T.

      Great installation. High quality workmanship and efficient team. Their supplier Hormann) was slow on the material, but Keen was outstanding.

    thumb Greg P.

      excellent service by Levi, who came to my house and fix my garage promptly, efficiently, and affordably. Highly recommended service.

    thumb Howard S.
  •   Wow! What an amazing experience! Skyler was fantastic and made this so much easier for me. Being plagued with pge outages and a long history of "how I do things"... read more

    thumb Becky B.

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    We... read more

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Google Reviews

All Star Electric
All Star Electric
These guys had a quick response time. Technician installed new springs in no time same day. I would do business with them again.
Bradley Thompson
Bradley Thompson
Our KEEN tech was LEVI, and he saved the day! Very quick response on short notice. Levi got a rapid quote approved by his office, and quickly went to work. He was fantastic at communicating our various issues, and the job was completed to perfection -- its nice to know that this kind of service still exists!
Ann Dubell
Ann Dubell
I love my new garage door, installed by Keen Garage Doors. It's runs quietly and smoothly. Jeremie, Robin, and the installers were all professional, courteous, and efficient. I especially appreciated that the invoice clearly detailed all expenses.
A big thanks to Levi Slade for repairing my gate. I was not able to get the original company that installed the circuit board to stand behind their work. Levi came out, diagnosed the problem, got me a new board and installed it. He was friendly, efficient and very understanding to my problem. I highly recommend Keen Garage Doors.
Tony Sayavongsa
Tony Sayavongsa
Keen Garage Doors is a top-notch garage door service company. I messaged the owner Jeremie on a Sunday evening, not expecting to hear back. Within 10 minutes, he has an estimate, a full job description, and an availability date! Jeremie and his team are super professional, respectful, and knowledgeable. Hands down the best customer service and quality work around! I highly recommend Jeremie and his team at Keen Garage Doors for any of your garage door needs, whether it's small or big, residential or commercial. We are definitely lifetime customers! Thank you, Jeremie and team, for everything!
Ishik Tuna
Ishik Tuna
Fixed problem promptly and courteously. Vincent was great.
Donna Lundstrom
Donna Lundstrom
It was Memorial weekend and we got up on Sunday am and garage door wouldn’t open. We called Keen Garage Doors and Levi(staff) was at our house within an hour! He was professional, clean, and quick! We couldn’t have asked for better service. We highly recommend!
Mike Toninato
Mike Toninato
Keen garage doors, Thank you so much for the speedy response! Skyler was motivated, attention to detail was much appreciated.
Megan Cormier
Megan Cormier
Keen replaces my door and opener. Their team is professional and courteous, and they provide quality doors for a great price. Install was super fast and the team left my garage super clean. Can’t recommend them enough.
Sandi Gunderson
Sandi Gunderson
The spring snapped on our garage door at 7 pm one evening. We had a Keen service person, Vincent B., out the next afternoon. We could have had someone out sooner but we were able to wait with ease. Vincent was conscientious, prompt, and courteous. He took the time to clearly explain the different options I had avail. The job was completed in a timely fashion. I would use the service again.
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