Driveway Gates

Automatic driveway gate service in Sonoma, Napa, Marin and Lake County including installation and repair for residential and commercial customers. Trust the pros at Keen!

Residential driveway gate

Driveway Gate Repair

Our automatic gate experts specialize in diagnosing and resolving issues related to driveway gates. Driveway gates are essential components of any property, offering security, privacy, and aesthetic value. Over time, due to factors such as wear and tear, weather exposure, mechanical malfunctions, or accidents, these gates can experience problems that require professional repair. If you need service on your gate, call the pros at Keen to get it fixed right and fast!

Driveway Gate Service

Residential driveway gates are available in an incredible array of styles and materials that will fit your property landscape.

Our trained gate experts provide sales, installation and repair on all gate types including:

  • wrought iron driveway gates
  • wooden gates
  • swing gates
  • sliding gates
  • overhead gates

If you need professional service for driveway gate, you’ve come to the right place. Get in touch to see how we can help!

Residential Driveway Gate

Commercial Driveway Gates

Keen Garage Doors offers installation, repair, maintenance, and overall management of driveway gates in commercial or business settings. Here’s what you can expect:

Installation: Installation of new driveway gates tailored to the specific requirements of a commercial property. This involves assessing the site, determining the appropriate gate type (such as sliding, swinging, or overhead), and installing the gate and associated components like motors, control panels, safety features, and access systems.

Repair and Maintenance: Includes regular inspections, repairs, and maintenance to ensure the optimal functioning of the gate system. We identify and fix mechanical issues, electrical problems, and address any wear and tear over time. This helps to prevent gate malfunctions, maintain security, and extend the lifespan of the gate.

Access Control Systems: These systems may include keypads, proximity card readers, intercoms, video surveillance, biometric scanners, or other advanced technologies to regulate and monitor access to the premises.

Emergency Repairs: Emergency repair services to address any sudden gate failures or malfunctions. This ensures that the gate can be quickly restored to operational status, minimizing disruption to business operations and maintaining security.

Commercial Sliding Gate

Upgrades and Modernization: As technology advances, we can assist in upgrading and modernizing existing gate systems. This may involve incorporating smart features, remote monitoring capabilities, or integrating the gate system with other security systems for improved functionality and convenience.

Consultation and Design: We offer consultation services to help businesses select the most suitable gate design, materials, and security features based on their specific needs and budget. We assess the property, provide recommendations, and assist in designing a gate system that aligns with the business’s security requirements.

Keen Garage Doors provides businesses with comprehensive solutions for the installation, repair, maintenance, and enhancement of driveway gate systems in commercial settings. These services help businesses protect their premises, control access, and ensure the smooth functioning of their security infrastructure.

Gate Operators

Most driveway entrance gates are quite heavy and difficult to operate manually so an automatic gate operator is essential.

Gate openers consist of two main components: the gate opener itself and the control system. The gate opener is a motorized mechanism that is mounted on the gate and is responsible for opening and closing it.

The control system is a set of electronic components that manage the gate opener’s operation, including the sensors that detect when a vehicle is approaching the gate, the wireless device that communicates with the gate opener, and the safety features that prevent the gate from closing on an object or person.

Some openers also include additional features such as security cameras, intercom systems, and keyless entry systems. These features can enhance the security of the property and provide convenience for the property owner.

Our expert gate technicians can install and service any gate operator and all system components so you have dependable operation at home or work.

Call the experts at Keen for gate operator installations and service!

Automatic Gate Operator
Access Control Panel

Access and Security Systems

No automatic gate system is complete without access and security systems.

Whatever your application, our trained gate experts can help find the best solution for you.

We provide installation and servicing on any and all gate access systems so you get maximum security and convenience!

Why Call Us?

Our team has the experience and knowledge to handle all of your automatic gate needs and we take pride in being the best!

Automatic gate systems are complex yet critical in a commercial or residential setting. So we take our work very seriously and always provide customers with exceptional service.

In addition, Keen Garage Doors is family-owned and operated and we take pride in serving our community. We believe in our products and work and stand behind everything we do.

Keen Garage Door Repair Truck

“I used Keen garage doors for an emergency repair, I found the company to be very honest and ethical. They had to fix the work that another company did. I really appreciated their help and integrity!!”

~David Armstrong

Yelp Reviews

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Google Reviews

Megan Pietrelli
Megan Pietrelli
Job was done quickly and efficiently. We even had a coupon which made for a great deal.
Danny Ramos
Danny Ramos
totallly up front and honest about rates...local business and owner operated!!! thank you
Mark Sokol
Mark Sokol
Great service on time and very professional
Karen Lambertz
Karen Lambertz
Vincent Burton @ Keen Garage Doors was knowledgeable, efficient and professional. He arrived on time, assessed the job and completed everything quickly. Vincent also took the time to set up the Keen contact information in a place that was easily accessible to all. I can highly recommend Vincent and Keen Garage Doors to anyone.
Karen B
Karen B
Skyler was great, service was excellent Will be using Keen garage door again!
Becky Boyle
Becky Boyle
Wow! What an amazing experience! Skyler was fantastic and made this so much easier for me. Being plagued with pge outages and a long history of “how I do things” it is fantastic to join the modern world. Can’t thank Skyler enough for all his help, patience and making the trek out to the river. Robin & Jeremy put up with a lot of schedule issues and educated me well prior to installing it… also, so patient, friendly and easy to work with. Thank you all so very much!
Justin Cas
Justin Cas
Had a garage door replaced and Jeramie and his team were great to work with. Not only did his pricing come in great, but he was very professional and communicative throughout the whole process. He helped me with some change orders and start to finish the whole process was flawless. I would hands down recommend Keen to anyone needing garage door services.
Jason Martin
Jason Martin
Jaramie and his team are profesional, great to work with and perform top quality installation. Keen Garage Doors provided a very competitive price, guided us on material selection, and installs the latest products the industry has to offer. My quote was delivered efficiently. We will recommend Keen Garge Door to everyone. We couldn't be happier. I have extremely high expectations, and they exceeded them all!
Chris Botka
Chris Botka
Great service. For me, I was able to get same day service. This company communicated well, is courteous and their quality of work is outstanding. I will use them again.
Joel de Berry
Joel de Berry
Fast, professional, they did a great job totally happy with the work.
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