Garage Door Drum Replacement

Specializing in garage door drum service and replacement.

Replacing Garage Door Drums

On occasion, homeowners need our garage door drum replacement service. Our technicians are experts when it comes to the repair or replacement of the drums, which are essential components in the garage door system. Drums are circular components located on the torsion spring shaft at the top of the garage door opening. They assist in lifting the door by winding the cables attached to the door’s bottom.

New garage door drum
garage door drum getting serviced

Drum Replacement Service

Assessment and Diagnosis

The service begins with an assessment by a garage door technician. They inspect the door, identify issues with the drums, and determine whether repair or replacement is necessary.

Removal of Old Drums

If garage door drum replacement is needed, the technician begins by disconnecting the garage door from the opener and then releases the tension on the torsion springs. The old drums are then carefully removed from the torsion shaft.

Installation of New Drums

New drums, matched to the specifications of the garage door system, are installed onto the torsion shaft. Proper alignment and positioning are crucial during this step to ensure smooth door operation.

garage door drum getting serviced

Reassembly and Testing

Once the new drums are securely in place, the technician reattaches the cables and adjusts the tension on the springs to ensure balanced lifting. They then reconnect the door to the opener and conduct thorough testing to confirm that the door moves smoothly and operates correctly.

Adjustment and Calibration

The technician performs adjustments as needed to fine-tune the door’s balance and alignment. This step ensures that the door opens and closes evenly and without any jerking or uneven movement.

Lubrication and Maintenance

After the replacement, the technician lubricates the moving parts of the door system, including the drums, to reduce friction and prolong the life of the components. They may also provide maintenance tips for the homeowner to ensure ongoing smooth operation.

Safety Checks

A crucial aspect of the service involves safety checks to verify that the door operates safely, with all safety features functioning correctly.

Garage Door Drum Replacement Experts

Garage door drum replacement is a specialized task that requires technical expertise and knowledge of the door’s mechanical components. It’s advisable to entrust this job to professional garage door technicians who have the necessary skills and experience to ensure a safe and effective replacement process.

“I got lucky finding Keen. The brothers not only fixed my garage but they but they improved my quality of life with a super quiet garage door opener. Now I’m up to code. They took great care of me and my family. I highly recommend Keen Garage Door. Family owned business. True Sonoma County Family”

~Brandon Bucheister

Yelp Reviews

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Google Reviews

Megan Pietrelli
Megan Pietrelli
Job was done quickly and efficiently. We even had a coupon which made for a great deal.
Danny Ramos
Danny Ramos
totallly up front and honest about rates...local business and owner operated!!! thank you
Mark Sokol
Mark Sokol
Great service on time and very professional
Karen Lambertz
Karen Lambertz
Vincent Burton @ Keen Garage Doors was knowledgeable, efficient and professional. He arrived on time, assessed the job and completed everything quickly. Vincent also took the time to set up the Keen contact information in a place that was easily accessible to all. I can highly recommend Vincent and Keen Garage Doors to anyone.
Karen B
Karen B
Skyler was great, service was excellent Will be using Keen garage door again!
Becky Boyle
Becky Boyle
Wow! What an amazing experience! Skyler was fantastic and made this so much easier for me. Being plagued with pge outages and a long history of “how I do things” it is fantastic to join the modern world. Can’t thank Skyler enough for all his help, patience and making the trek out to the river. Robin & Jeremy put up with a lot of schedule issues and educated me well prior to installing it… also, so patient, friendly and easy to work with. Thank you all so very much!
Justin Cas
Justin Cas
Had a garage door replaced and Jeramie and his team were great to work with. Not only did his pricing come in great, but he was very professional and communicative throughout the whole process. He helped me with some change orders and start to finish the whole process was flawless. I would hands down recommend Keen to anyone needing garage door services.
Jason Martin
Jason Martin
Jaramie and his team are profesional, great to work with and perform top quality installation. Keen Garage Doors provided a very competitive price, guided us on material selection, and installs the latest products the industry has to offer. My quote was delivered efficiently. We will recommend Keen Garge Door to everyone. We couldn't be happier. I have extremely high expectations, and they exceeded them all!
Chris Botka
Chris Botka
Great service. For me, I was able to get same day service. This company communicated well, is courteous and their quality of work is outstanding. I will use them again.
Joel de Berry
Joel de Berry
Fast, professional, they did a great job totally happy with the work.
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